Care instructions

Wash the products at 40 ˚C.

Do not use detergents that contain bleach or colourants.
Do not machine wash light-coloured lingerie in order to prevent it from turning grey.
Always use a washing bag when machine washing dark-coloured lingerie. Always hook up the bra before washing it in a washing machine.
Avoid tumble drying at high spin speeds and wringing products forcefully.
Before placing the bra to dry, reshape it with your hands. Stretch out the back and straps of the bra for a moment.
After swimming in a pool, wash the product at the first opportunity, as chemicals may reduce its elasticity.
Avoid wearing swimming clothes in a sauna, as high temperatures reduce their elasticity.


Textile care symbols


Washing symbols


Veepesu on lubatud, kuid ei ole täpsustatud, kuidas pesta Machine wash is allowed, but there are no specific instructions
Veepesu lubatud kuni 40 kraadises vees. Ka tundmatu koostisega kanga pesutemperatuur Machine wash is allowed at a temperature not higher than 40 °C; this washing temperature should also be used if the composition of the fabric is not known
Veepesu lubatud kuni 60 kraadises vees, masinpesu programm õrnale pesule Machine wash is allowed at a temperature not higher than 60 °C; gentle wash cycle
Veepesu lubatud maksimumtemperatuuril, masinpesu programm õrnale pesule VMachine wash is allowed at maximum temperature; gentle wash cycle
Veepesu lubatud maksimaalne temperatuur, masinpesu põhiprogramm Machine wash is allowed at maximum temperature; regular wash cycle
Lubatud ainult käsipesu, masinpesu kahjustab toodet Only hand wash is allowed; machine wash will damage the product
Veepesu keelatud, ese tuleb viia keemilisse puhastusse Do not wash; take the garment to dry cleaning
The number in the symbol is the highest water temperature that may be used.
One line under the symbol indicates to gentle cleaning; two lines under the symbol indicate to very gentle cleaning.

Drying symbols   


Trummelkuivatus lubatud, temperatuuri ei ole määratletud Tumble drying is allowed, temperature has not been determined
Trummelkuivatus lubatud normaalsel temperatuuril Tumble drying is allowed at normal temperature
Trummelkuivatus madalal temperatuuril Tumble drying at low temperature
Trummelkuivatus keelatud Tumble drying is forbidden
Kuivaks väänamine keelatud Do not wring
Kuivatada varjus Dry in shade
Kuivatada alusel Dry flat
Nõrutada kuivaks Drip dry
Nööril kuivatamine Line dry

Bleaching symbols


Pleegitamine (valgendamine) lubatud Bleaching (whitening) is allowed
Bleaching (whitening) is forbidden; use a colour care detergent
Klooriga pleegitamine lubatud Chlorine-based bleaching is allowed

Dry cleaning symbols


Keemiline puhastus lubatud, täht näitab, millist Dry cleaning is allowed; the letter indicates which type of dry cleaning is to be used.
Keemiline puhastus õrnal režiimil Gentle dry cleaning
Keemiline puhastus keelatud, veepesu lubatud Dry cleaning is forbidden, machine wash is allowed

Ironing symbols


Triikimine madalal temperatuuril Ironing at low temperature
Triikimine keskmisel temperatuuril Ironing at medium temperature
Triikimine kõrgel temperatuuril Ironing at high temperature
Triikimine lubatud Ironing is allowed
Triikimine keelatud Ironing is forbidden