The story of Linette began in December 1940, when some entrepreneurial-minded people joined their property and knowledge and decided to form an artel called Võit (‘victory’ in English). First, they focused on the production of light garments for women, men and children, but in 1956, they specialised in women’s lingerie. Cooperation with demanding Western European customers, which started already before the end of the Soviet era, in 1985, has taught us how to make beautiful, comfortable and high-quality undergarments for women of all sizes.

In 1991, the founders of Linette started a privatisation process, being among the first seven enterprises in the whole Soviet Union to do so, as a result of which they changed the name of the company into Linette already in the same year’s December. In the spring of 1992, they already opened their first retail shop in Müürivahe Street and, by today, Linette runs eight shops all over Estonia.

In 1993, Linette started cooperation with a Swedish lingerie brand Miss Mary of Sweden that offers an extensive assortment of comfortable lingerie for plus-sized women.

In 2009, Linette AS formed a subsidiary of Linette Retail OÜ.

žIn 2013, Linette AS sold its 100% subsidiary Linette Retail OÜ in April to the Latvian lingerie manufacturer SIA New Rosme, which is owned by the Swedish company Swegmark Invest AB.

Today, products designed and produced at Linette are being worn by women almost everywhere in the world – in addition to Estonian women, we have managed to bring joy independently or through mediators to women in the USA, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Russia, England, etc.